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Book Fair ​

The Lawnside Education Foundation, in cooperation with the Deptford Barnes & Noble store, is sponsoring a Book Fair to raise money for our ongoing refurbishing of the Lawnside School District library. We’ve made great progress this past year in supporting the school district; progress we could not have made without you. Now you can help yourself, while helping us and the students of Lawnside out too! And, there’s something for everyone on your gift list: children, adults, the avid reader, the person who loves decorating their home, the gamer, and those who love gourmet treats.

Donor Program 

Fundraising activities range from corporate gift matching opportunities to opportunities to become a friend of the foundation. The following provides a listing of activities designed to ensure that the Foundation reaches its initial goal of $50,000 for fiscal year 2011, but is not exhaustive of ways for individual or corporate donors to support the mission and projects of the Foundation. Donors may contribute to a range of programs at various donor levels.

LEF Business Breakfast 

The Lawnside Education Foundation is looking forward to adding quarterly business brunches to its calendar of annual events. Watch for more details regarding this sponsored event. All businesses and corporations with a civic mission of supporting the education of children everywhere are invited to join us at these events.

Dinner Dance 

The Lawnside Educaitonal Foundation sponsors an annual Dinner Dance every February at The Merion in Cinnaminson. NJ.  Tickets may be purchased through PayPal.  Be sure to like us on our Facebook event page!  Proceeds benefit the Lawnside Education Foundaton, Inc., supporter of Lawnside School District academic and co-curricular programs.






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