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The Lawnside Education Foundation, Inc. was incorporated on August 4 2009 and it is established in the state of New Jersey as a non-profit 501(c)(3) entity.

The volunteer Board of Trustees serve as the primary fundraisers and stewards of the LEF.  Members of the Board of Trustees are appointed to serve for one-, two- or three-year terms. Thus one-third (1/3) of the Trustees will be appointed at each annual meeting of the Board of Trustees. Trustees can be appointed for successive terms without limitations.  See our Officers and full Board of Trustees - here.

In addition to the officers, other trustees lead specific projects of the Foundation. Other positions or formal participation such as committee leadership or volunteer participation are confirmed by Board agreement and vote.  Please read about our Trustees – here.  The Board of Trustees meet monthly at 7:00 pm on the first Tuesday of each month at the Law offices of Gregory Montgomery in Lawnside, New Jersey.

The foundation plans several programs and activities each year in addition to its annual funding drives.   The LEF also leverages technology as a means to connect with Lawnside residents past and present, which allows patrons to contribute at their convenience.  In addition, our website is regularly updated to provide supporters with information about members, funding, and events.

The LEF’s major goal is to support the academic mission of Lawnside Public School with an emphasis on college entrance/graduation, and extra-curricular activities that enhance the schooling experience.  We also aim to assist teachers in providing high quality instruction.  Our goal is to fund and support projects in five key areas that we believe will allow us to realize this vision:

- Academic Enrichment
- School Renovation
- Technology
- Teacher Instructional Projects
- Community Education

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